Welcome to my blog. If you're addicted to books, like I am, then you've come to the right place. I mostly write about books and my experiences reading them. These are very personal book reviews. (If you can even call them book reviews...) I’m a true believer that none of us lives in a vacuum. When you read a book, watch a movie, listen to a song, etc., you absorb that art form into your life experience, and it changes you. But you also change it, because no two people see anything the same way. The way I interpret a novel may be totally different from the way you will. It’s still the same novel, but the meaning for each of us is unique. Once you express that meaning, it changes the art. So these posts are about how these books fit into my life. I’d love to hear how they fit into yours. Please make comment and share your experience.

Rating System Key

Not all rating factors will be used for every book, because not all apply.  Each factor is on a scale from one to ten, but I reserve the right to add extra numbers if something is really fabulous.  (It’s my blog!)  Also note that chances are all books featured will get high ratings.  I rarely waste my time reading something I don’t like nor will I waste my time writing about it.
CF- Crack Factor—The mark of a page turner---the obsession factor.  Did this book make me stay up past midnight?  Did I work out for more than 60 minutes because I didn’t want to stop reading?  Did I take it to work and read it on my lunch hour?  Did I neglect my kids or my husband because of this book?  You get the picture.  If I can’t put it down, it gets a 10. 
TSF-Tears Shed Factor—The mark of emotion.  Did this book make me cry?  Did it make me laugh out loud?  The stronger the emotions felt, the higher the rating.
DF-Distraction Factor—Does this book strike a chord in my own life?  Do I find myself reflecting on a passage as it relates to my own personal life?  Do I think about the book’s premise when I’m not reading it?
EF-Enrichment Factor—Did this book teach me about something I didn’t know?  Did it surprise me? 
PF-People Factor—This is about the characters.  Do I love these characters?  Do I hate them?  I know a book is good when at the end I’m mad at the author because 1) I wish these characters were real people and 2) I wish I could read more about them. 
STF-Story Telling Factor—This is about plot.  Is the author a good story teller?  Is the plot hard to follow, disjointed, jumping around? 
WSF-Writing Skills Factor—People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but I do appreciate a piece that is well written.  I don’t automatically discount something if it’s not, but higher marks for more skill here, for sure. 

BABF-Bad Ass Babe Factor---I love a strong female character.  If the book's got one, it'll get points for it.   Honor Harrington from David Weber's Honor Harrington novels is so far my only 10.  Every other character gets compared to her. She is smart, tough and beautiful, ethical, compassionate and amazing. 
HH12 Mission of Honor cover1.png
HTAF-Hotter Than Adam FactorClick here to see my posting that describes this rating factor in detail.  To sum it up, however, this is the “Hot Guy” factor.  The hottest guy in my world is my husband, Adam.  He is my perfect 10.  I’m sure each one of you has a 10 in your world, so just substitute your perfect 10 at the top of the scale here and you’ll know where I’m at.  For men who can’t see other men as hot…you need step out of your homophobe box.  But I’ll let you off the hook---just think of the coolest guy you know and put him at the top of the scale and you’ll get it.