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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inforum Leisure Book Club discussion for The Help by Kathryn Stockett

One of my book clubs was looking for a place to post comments as we are reading the monthly selection.  I volunteered my blog as the forum.  Even if you’re not a member of the book club, feel free to comment anyway if you’ve already read or are currently reading the book.  There is just one rule—Not everyone wants a spoiler, so if you are commenting on part of the story, please be sure to start your post with the page number or chapter to which you are referring.  Example:  “Do not read unless you’ve already reached page 174…” or “Spoiler Alert---do not continue if you haven’t read chapter 5…”  etc. 
The first book is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  We plan to go to the movie after our book discussion in August. 
Comment. Discuss. Enjoy…can’t wait to see you in August to discuss in person. 


  1. I finished the book a few nights ago. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to discussion.

    When I studied abroad in Argentina, I lived with a family that had a live-in maid. It was the most uncomfortable thing about the whole semester. I hated the knowledge that this woman was scrubbing the bathroom after I used it. I was very consciously aware of every mess I made in my bedroom, bathroom and in the kitchen because I knew that whatever I did, Irma was going to be right behind me...My thoughts kept going back to memories of her as I read this book, like on page 131 when Minny is talking about washing the sheets..."Sheets are just too personal a thing for folks who aren't kin to be fooling with." Anyone else have an experience like that?

  2. I've been on the other end of it, actually. I used to clean the condo of a former boss, who will remain unnamed. Based on what I had to clean, I don't believe he gave any thought to the fact that I would going through his home, picking up, cleaning, scrubbing, etc. Of course, maybe he did and the place was actually worse before I got there. I shudder to think...

  3. I have finished reading Help. It is the story that needed to be told. My copy of the book has questions for a book club. Some may be of interest. I am wondering if we have groups of people now who are so controlled by a boss.