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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

314 Page Views

When I started writing this blog, I figured the only people reading it would be my parents, my sister and my two best friends, so I didn't DARE put a view counter on it for fear that I'd die of embarassment that it only had 10 page views.

Three months later, I know my parents haven't looked at it all.  (I guilt trip them about this every other time I talk to them, but it hasn't worked yet.)  So that takes the potential 5 followers down to 3, which is exactly the number of "official" followers I have. Best case scenario, I figured my 3 followers have maybe checked it 10 times each so I might have 30 page views...

But today I was playing around with some formatting, adding some links, doing some posting, and I thought...maybe I'll add the page view counter just to see what it says...and then if it's really embarassing I can take it off just as fast and no one will be the wiser. 

I nearly fell out of my chair.  Actually I jumped out of my chair, ran into the other room in front of the TV and said to Adam "OH MY GOD!  GUESS HOW MANY PAGE VIEWS I HAVE!!!!!!!!!"  He was not as excited about this as I was.  But at least he didn't crane his neck around me to see the TV.  I didn't wait for him to answer: "314!!!!!!!!!!!    MY BLOG HAS BEEN VIEWED 314 TIMES!!!!!!!!!" 

And then I called my sister and told her, too.  And tomorrow I'll call my parents and tell them they're missing  out on a blog that has been viewed 314 times!

So thanks to all of you who have been reading.  You made my day. My night. My month.

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  1. And to think your Dad missed the post on the HTAF scale!! LOL!