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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inforum Leisure Book Club discussion for Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

I am a HUGE Barbara Kinsolver fan.  I think I've read most of her fiction and many of her non-fiction books, including The Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, Animal Dreams, The Poisonwood Bible, Homeland and Other Stories, High Tide in Tucson (non-fiction), and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (also non-fiction, and one of my favorite books EVER.) 

I've also read Inforum's September book club pick, Prodigal Summer, which is a great book.  I can't wait to re-read it and discuss with all of you.  If you want to share your thoughts as you're reading the book, please post comments below. Just one rule, if you're going to talk about something specific in the plot, put a spoiler warning at the top, like this:  "SPOILER ALERT---Do not read unless you've already finished chapter 5,"  etc.

Happy Reading!  See you in September.


  1. Hi All---The first time I read this book, I remember passing my copy to both my parents when I was finished. It's not normally the kind of book my dad would read, so I was interested to hear what he might say about it. His first comment was "I think this woman (Kingsolver) is obsessed with sex!" It had been some months since I'd read the book, so I didn't really remember to what he may be referring. But now that I'm re-reading it, I get what he meant. I'm about 60 pages along and at least on every 2nd or 3rd page, there is a reference to procreation of some kind, be it human, plant, animal or insect. I wouldn't call it a sex obsession myself...maybe more of a fascination with nature's rhythms. But each time I encountered one of these references, I'd chuckle remembering my dad's comment.

  2. I finished the book. The last chapter was different. Looking forward to hearing what others thought of the book and last chapter.

  3. I liked the last chapter, myself. (POSSIBLE SPOILER!) Another point of view on life in that valley and on that mountain from a second species living there. That said, I'm glad she limited it to just the one chapter, but thought it was an interesting and appropriate choice.