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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inforum Leisure Book Club Discussion for The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle

If you want to post a comment of your thoughts while you're reading Aryn Kyle's The God of Animals, please be sure to preface any potential spoilers with warnings.  See you in October!


  1. I'm just starting chapter 4 and so far, I am enjoying the book. I'm finding it a little disturbing how Alice's dad looks at Sheila Altman as their "meal ticket." It just seems sad how dependent they are on her continued patronage which hangs precariously on her future successes. Especially because she's only a child, and not even his own child. They are taking advantage of her and her mother. It's interesting to me that Alice is completely aware of this, and that she is a willing (if begrudging) accomplice to her father's plan. It seems to me like exploitation. Food for thought, anyway, and hopefully part of our discussion when we see each other.

  2. Library books can often give you clues to the people who have read them before you. I've found airplane tickets, receipts, post-it notes, grocery lists and more in library books. And occasionally you find that someone has highlighted, underlined or marked up passages that they find interesting. I've never had this happen before though--a previous reader of my copy of The God of Animals has crossed out every time the phrase "Jesus Christ" appears in the character dialogue. Interesting...

  3. That is interesting - the "Jesus Christ" part. Is it because they think it's blasphemous or because they're an atheist?
    I found the family dynamics surrounding the mother and her role - or lack of - interesting, as well. SPOILER: Especially her willingness to rouse herself for her in-laws, but not her own children and husband.