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Monday, November 14, 2011

Inforum Leisure Book Club Discussion for Down River

Our December book is Down River by John Hart.  If you would like to share thoughts, comments or questions that arise while you're reading the book, please post a comment.  Please alert if you are going to include spoilers.
If you don't have a blogger account, it's easiest to comment anonymously.  Looking forward to seeing you on December 12th!


  1. Spoiler alert--I just finished Chapter 18---I'm really enjoying the book. It's a quick, easy, entertaining read. Anyway--now for the spoiler part: Anyone else get the feeling when the police were bringing the warrant that it wasn't going to be for Adam--the way they built up the whole end of that chapter? By the time they got down to saying who was under arrest, I knew it wasn't going to be Adam, but I didn't think it was going to be Dolf! My only guess at this point is that his are the only prints on the gun because he wiped all of Adam's off. But that seems too easy of a solution. Hmm...

  2. Finally started this last night. I'm about to start chapter 12. It's taking all of my willpower to NOT read your comment, although it's sitting very nonchalantly just above where I am currently typing. Damn nonchalance! I'll check back in 7 chapters.