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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Fandom...

This is what a day is like when you have book loving friends.  Check out this email string.


I do work, I swear. (BABB#2) just told me about the amazon shop for hunger games though.

Peeta pillowcase anyone??
 The Hunger Games Movie Pillowcase "Peeta"
I might prefer to drool on Gale’s face. 

I think Adam might have a problem if I brought Peeta or Gale into our bed… 

What if you had this shirt….i want this.
(okay-so the images are disappearing on me, so just imagine a t-shirt that says "I love the boy with the bread.") 

Me:  Me too.  Do they have any Katniss shirts so I can buy one for Adam and then we’re all even?

BABB2:  This is all I am seeing. It is very B.A.
(Imagine a shirt that says "Team Katniss") 

Anyone going to the movies this weekend??  I'm trying to convince Adam that we need to see the Hunger Games on Friday night.  Now we just need a babysitter...

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