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Friday, March 2, 2012

Why edit an old post, when you can write a new one...

I was going to go back to my Eat Your Heart Out Pillars of the Earth Fans post and put in a few of my own pictures from Salisbury Cathedral, but I changed my mind, and figured it was better to make a new post.  Here you are...enjoy...
Salisbury Cathedral, February 2012-JJWBAKER

Can't you just see Jack Jackson Builder carving this statue--look closely, she's got a mini cathedral in her hand.

More statues, Salisbury Cathedral, Feb 2012-JJWBAKER

Interior Courtyard, Salisbury Cathedral, Feb 2012-JJWBAKER

Restoration efforts.  It costs the UK Government GBP12,000/day to maintain this cathedral.  Check out the flying buttresses, I know what their purpose is thanks to Ken Follett.  Feb 2012-JJWBAKER

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